An Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Applying strategic thinking in day-to-day public sector work

An Introduction to Strategic Thinking

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2 days, in-person or virtual

An Introduction to Strategic Thinking is for staff from operational backgrounds who need to apply a strategic mindset to their role. The course supports participants to:

  • Understand strategic context
  • Articulate strategic issues
  • Apply strategic thinking in their wor

Over two days, the course introduces a toolkit for strategic thinking, problem solving, planning and change management.

Participants develop skills in:

  • Understanding the strategic context of challenging environments
  • Articulating a strategic issue using SCQA
  • Defining a problem
  • Breaking down & structuring a problem
  • Developing hypotheses
  • Planning their work
  • Appraising options
  • Engaging & influencing stakeholders
  • Communicating with purpose

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