Digital and User-Centred Projects

Defining, designing, and delivering digital projects in the public sector.

Digital and User-Centred Projects

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"This was a great introduction to developing an accessible digital service that meets the needs of a diverse range of users"

2 days, in-person

Digital and User-Centred Projects is designed specifically for people in the public sector who are involved or interested in delivering digital services.

Over two days, participants cover all the key steps from ‘Discovery’ through to ‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’ and ‘Live’, tailored to public-sector standards including the NHS and Government Digital Service Standards, Technology Code of Practice, and the necessary levels of Accessibility and Cyber-security.

We cover the full digital service life cycle through a single case study of taking a service from discovery to live in Government:

  • Discovery - service standards, Agile and user research methods
  • Alpha - high and low fidelity prototyping, service design
  • Beta - Agile in practice (roadmaps, backlogs and prioritisation), introduction to technology concepts (the cloud, open standards and APIs) and how to procure well
  • Live - accessibility, privacy and cyber security

We have delivered the training to the NHS (in England and in Wales), Acas, the UK Space Agency and Environment Agency, with 100% of participants agreeing that they would commission the course for their wider teams.

The course is delivered by experienced consultants from The PSC who use these skills on a daily basis with their clients in public services.

"I think this training would be useful to all [NHS] colleagues looking to design digital services for their clinical area."

Course Participant

"I usually get quite bored and distracted in training courses, but I was engaged all the way through this one. A great mix of theory and practice!"

Course Participant

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