Leading Complex Systems in Health and Care

Developing systems thinking and leadership for complex health and care systems

Leading Complex Systems in Health and Care

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2 days, in-person or virtual

Challenges across health and care systems are becoming increasingly complex and often require a systems thinking lens to be tackled effectively. This course deepens public leaders' understanding of systems thinking and complexity, equips them to build coalitions and facilitate change within this complexity, and helps develop a support network and learning community of peers.

  • Module 1 - Systems Thinking - asks why systems are important, covers key concepts of systems thinking, introduces the systems theory of organisations, and explores case studies of system-wide transformation in health and care
  • Module 2 - Complexity in Systems - introduces Complexity Theory and applies it to health and care, examines how change works in complex systems, and discusses how to navigate high levels of uncertainty - through Q&A with a highly respected system leader
  • Module 3 - Leadership in Complex Systems - explores adaptive leadership and host leadership, addresses how to convene and facilitate generative conversations, and discuess how to carve out space and time for strategic system leadership 

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