Module 1: Launching the project

Outline of module summary, learning objectives, and downloadable course materials

Module 1: Launching the project

In this module we cover the necessary steps for successfully launching a project, including through the use of specific tools, such as the Problem Definition Sheet.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what is meant by a fast, effective project
  • Understand the need to invest sufficient time in ensuring the project scope is right
  • Be aware of the elements of project scope: the problem definition, stakeholders, criteria for success, what’s out of scope
  • Be aware of other elements of a project kick-off which relate to the proposed approach – workplans, deliverables, governance, stakeholder engagement, information requirements, key meetings, project risks, and team working style


"New learning, new ways of doing projects, and new approaches to tasks and problems."

Module 1: Launching the project

Previous Module:

Pre-course preparation


Module 1: Launching the project

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