Module 10: Planning and implementing

Outline of module summary, learning objectives, and downloadable course materials

Module 10: Planning and implementing

In this module we cover the tools for successful project planning and implementation, and how to overcome barriers to delivery.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how to prioritise to maximise the likelihood of successful delivery, using tools such as prioritisation matrices
  • Understand how to define and measure benefits from implementation, drawing on tools such as KPIs 
  • Be confident about identifying and mitigating risks and issues during implementation
  • Understand how to engage stakeholders to buy-into your findings and commit to your implementation plan, using the 'influence model' of behavioural change
  • Enable your stakeholders to work with you to overcome barriers to successful delivery


"It was the best training I've ever had. The PSC took on the concerns raised on day one and by day two they were addressed."

Module 10: Planning and implementing
Module 10: Planning and implementing

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