Module 8: Modelling and options appraisal

Outline of module summary, learning objectives, and downloadable course materials

Module 8: Modelling and options appraisal

In this module we introduce modelling to generate projections and scenarios, and cover how this might support options appraisals.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the basic principles of best practice model design
  • Understand how to check the quality of an existing model
  • Know how to generate 'projections' so that they are robust, easy to understand, and can be used to quantify different scenarios for stakeholders
  • Understand how options development and appraisal might fit within a project
  • Know how to use 'projections' to evaluate the financial implications of a set of options
  • Know how to perform option appraisals in situations where each option has non-financial impacts (e.g., quality of care) as well as financial impacts


"Thank you for everything you have taught us. I am definitely using it to perform my work better and I am getting better results."

Module 8: Modelling and options appraisal
Module 8: Modelling and options appraisal

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