PSAT Course Materials

Downloadable materials for course participants

PSAT Course Materials

The Problem Structuring and Analytical Thinking (PSAT) course covers two half-day sessions.

Below, is an outline of both training course sessions:

Outline: Part 1

  • Introduction to 'Problem Structuring and Analytical Thinking'
  • Tool 1: Problem Definition Sheet
  • Tool 2: Issue Trees
  • Tool 3: Hypothesis Trees
  • Tool 4: Boat Chart work planning
  • Application of the tools together

Outline: Part 2

  • Refresh of the Problem Solving tools
  • Practising and embedding the approaches
  • Generating insight
  • Influencing others

Course participants can find the session materials available for download below.


"It's rare to have training where I genuinely think I've been given tools to use immediately, and rare to find tools I'm excited to use!"

PSAT Course Materials

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