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Case Study: Migrating UKSA’s Monitor your Satellites service to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Moving off the legacy GOV.UK PaaS platform to cloud-native AWS with a 20% cost saving

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Case Study: Transforming Mental Health Inpatient Services with Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust
Case Study - Designing a Real-Time Messaging Service for NHS England
Case Study: A ‘blueprint’ approach to healthcare estates: developing estates which enable integration in Plymouth
Pilot scheme for the prevention of mental health crisis
Digital Roadmap for Learning Disabilities & Autism
Understanding inequalities faced by people with learning difficulties
Accessing New Online Course Markets for King’s College London
 Ensuring student success at a leading UK University
Targeted improvement work to reduce patients’ length of stay in a mental health trust
Supporting a large NHS region to implement Same Day Emergency Care and improve patient care
New waiting times methodology for community services
Improving Patient Flow in a Local Health Network in South Australia

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