Harnessing data science and technology for public services.


We deliver impactful digital solutions.

At The PSC, we’re proud to be public service specialists. That means our approach to data-led digital transformation is always embedded in our understanding of a wider context. We work with our clients, using data science and user centred-design to co-create new digital services, ensuring they deliver strong financial results, are in harmony with teams and working practices, and include everyone.

The PSC Approach

What defines our unique approach to digital?

End To End Transformation

We see the bigger picture, ensuring the digital services we co-create are embedded in the wider context of your organisation, teams, objectives and working practices.

User Engagement

Digital transformation is a team effort. It needs an agile approach in order to work. We aim to dissolve any silos, working with people at all levels to bring them on the journey, inspiring, upskilling and empowering them.

Financial Impact

We know that money matters, so we go beyond prototypes and creation to create quantifiable economic impact with measurable financial and qualitative benefits – quickly and efficiently.

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Recent Results

"The PSC consultants integrated very well with the rest of the team. Excellent delivery of a high-quality service from The PSC."

Programme Director, Government Digital Service

"You have put everything in the same place and everyone on the same page for the first time."

Deputy Director, Department for Education Digital

"You've gotten through a huge amount of work and helped bring us along the journey with you. I can honestly say this has been one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on here. It’s been great working this quickly, in this agile way and you've been a great team to work with!"

Programme Lead, Central Government Agency

"Your Alpha plans contain way more detail than I would have expected and you've really helped to transform the way the team works!"

Programme Lead, Department for Education

"A really useful and insightful report - thank you The PSC!"

Director, Office for AI

Digital Case Studies, News & Insights

We Are The PSC

We Are The PSC

02/07/2020 in Performance, Digital, Strategy, News, Insights, Careers

Introducing a new name for 2020 Delivery

Case Study: User journeys to understand civil users’ needs to track space debris

Case Study: User journeys to understand civil users’ needs to track space debris

10/07/2020 in Digital

The UK Space Agency asked us to help them understand an incredibly interesting…

Students and Covid 19: why lockdown learning is just the tip of the iceberg

Students and Covid 19: why lockdown learning is just the tip of the iceberg

24/06/2020 in Digital, Insights

In our research with students of today, we've found that the Covid 19 response…

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