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The PSC Wins Double Silver at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded double silver at The HSJ Partnership Awards in the categories: Patient Safety Collaboration of the Year and Most Impactful Project Addressing Health Inequalities

With 28 separate categories this year, the winners were announced during an impressive ceremony held at Evolution London, on Thursday 21 March, hosted by Miles Jupp. The event was attended by representatives from the NHS, and both the private and third sector as well as key players from non-clinical backgrounds, all coming together to celebrate the importance of positive partnerships and acknowledging how these underpin the future sustainability of the NHS.

The PSC Wins Double Silver at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024

Previous entrants have said that official recognition at these awards is a real “stamp of approval” which can be instrumental in securing future projects and partnerships in the NHS, particularly as ICSs move from planning to delivery.

Nine new categories were introduced for 2024, with partnership and collaboration at the core of every class. Overall, the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024 – which is now in its 7th year - celebrated the achievements of a total of 188 finalists!

"Congratulations to our partners and The PSC team on this magnificent news. When we are in the throes of delivering our work it can be all too easy to miss how far we’ve come and what we have helped achieve for service users, families, friends and carers. I would like to encourage you all to stop and appreciate this milestone, thank you." comments Chris Bradley Senior Partner at The PSC. 

HSJ editor Alastair McLellan comments: “HSJ created the Partnership Awards in 2018 to celebrate and recognise the vital contribution made by the suppliers of goods and services to the quality and development of British healthcare.

“This year’s awards demonstrate there is almost no NHS clinical or support service which does not rely – sometimes almost completely – on the efforts of external suppliers.

“Almost any attempt to improve NHS productivity – the service’s greatest challenge - without working in concert with suppliers starts at a major disadvantage. Indeed, many of the best ideas for improving productivity do and will come from suppliers. Every one of the businesses on the Partnership Awards shortlist has shown the kind of thinking and determination it takes to deliver change in healthcare services. They should all be very proud of the efforts, our 28 winners especially so.

The winners were selected following a rigorous two-stage judging process ahead of the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024 awards ceremony. The full list of Winners and those Highly Commended for the 2024 HSJ Partnership Awards can be found at

It has been an award winning month for our team, as these two silver awards join the 5 awards we received from the Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2024

Reducing Waiting Times for the Most Vulnerable

Patient Safety Collaboration of the Year, Silver Award

Waiting time standards exist to improve outcomes for patients and reduce the risk of harm. They are widely used in acute hospitals but only a handful of community services are linked to standards, despite the safety risks from long waits in community services.

Which standards should apply for safe delivery of community services? How can we ensure that vulnerable patients are identified and prioritised?

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT), working with The PSC decided to improve patient safety by developing risk-based waiting time standards across services. This has enabled services to prioritise vulnerable patients and eliminate inequalities between services.

Find out more here

Improving Health Inequalities for People with Learning Disabilities in Surrey Heartlands

Most Impactful Project Addressing Health Inequalities, Silver Award

In Surrey, there is a staggering life expectancy gap between people with learning disabilities and those without: 22 years for women and 11 years for men. To tackle this, Surrey Heartlands and The PSC worked to identify the root causes of this inequality.

We looked at both the data from annual health checks and our LeDeR (learning from lives and deaths) database, as well as the impact of living circumstances and deprivation on people with LD, including gathering information through lived experience engagement. The resulting recommendations are leading to System-wide initiatives to tackle obesity and smoking (among other issues) and increasing life expectancy for those with LD.

Find out more here.


The PSC Transformation Team

The PSC exists to make public services brilliant. Our collaborative approach is focused on creating meaningful and lasting change. We work together to analyse and diagnose your situation, devise a programme of support, then help make it happen. If you would like to talk to our Transformation team about how we might support your work on improving hospital discharge, please contact: 

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