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Diversity and Inclusion

Reducing inequalities is at the heart of the work we do

Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission to improve public services means that reducing inequalities is at the heart of the work we do. To do that well, we need a workforce that is representative of the people we serve. 

That is why we've introduced an accelerated approach to diversity and inclusion at The PSC. We know this is both the right thing to do, and that it will benefit our business and our work with clients. 

We're already achieving our goals and are committed to meeting these targets:


By 2022, 50% of our consulting staff will be female 

By 2025, 25% of our consulting staff and 25% of our leadership team will be from ethnic minorities

By 2028, 50% of our leadership team will be female


 Our Diversity and Inclusion team includes a board director to ensure senior support for the changes we need to make. 

We aspire to become role-models for others. 

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