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The PSC exists to create lasting change through improving public services, so sustainability is at the heart of our decision making.  

To play an active role in society’s transition to a sustainable future, The PSC has committed to core sustainability goals.

In 2021, we're pleased that we achieved our first goal of becoming a carbon negative organisation through a portfolio offsetting approach which is focused on offsets that sequester carbon from the atmosphere. We are also continuously working to further reduce our footprint. 

We are on track with our other goals to: 

Ensure 80% of our supplier and partner contracts are with organisations that have ambitious sustainability policies by 2025. 

Expand the positive environmental impact of our work with clients and partners. 


Our sustainability team is working with our board to drive lasting sustainability across the public sector through our work with clients, and in the way we work internally.

We are buoyed by our progress to date and will continue to strive to become increasingly sustainable.

You can view our Carbon Reduction Plan and our commitment to tackling four of the UN's key sustainable development goals.  

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