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Dr Antonio Weiss

Dr Antonio Weiss

Senior Partner

Antonio specialises in using data science and new technologies to design effective public services, with a specific focus on education, administrative and health and care systems.

His career has been spent working to improve public services: he is an elected local government councillor; was governor of a Further Education college for ten years; and has a research role at the University of Cambridge’s Bennett Institute, investigating the use of digital technologies across the world.

Antonio believes that the strength, resilience and performance of public services are key to successful, diverse and high-functioning societies. He is also the senior leadership representative driving forward The PSC’s ambitious Diversity and Inclusion goals.

Recent results

Antonio focuses on high-impact, high complexity problems, helping system leaders and organisational boards through major changes, including:

  • Design and development of a cross-government digital infrastructure programme of platforms, registers and new technology services; now successfully in operation, with over 1bn messages and £300m processed, and the model replicated worldwide.
  • Creation of a new £250m AI laboratory to help the UK cement its position as a world leader in the application of data science, specifically across health and care settings
  • A transformational review of the entire education system (early years through to adult learning) of a UK jurisdiction, combining international best practice with deep understanding of local factors and user needs

Wider career

University of London. University of Cambridge. Currently on part-time secondment to the UK Labour Party as a Senior Advisor. Any potential conflicts of interest are governed by our strict rules and processes, which are overseen by The PSC's Board.

Antonio is also a local government councillor, the author of four books, including two international bestsellers on business strategy.

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