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 Charlotte  Bambridge

Charlotte Bambridge

Senior Manager

Charlotte is known at The PSC for her strategic problem solving, bringing senior leaders together to tackle challenging problems at a system level. She is a passionate believer in the power of individuals, teams, and organisations working together in new ways to address some of the trickiest problems facing the public sector.

Charlotte specialises in strategy at The PSC, bringing together analytics, evidence-based research and Board-level engagement. Her recent experience includes leading work on:

  • Full lifecycle of strategic estates planning at organisation and system level, from strategic alignment at system level to business case development, and sizing and modelling new construction
  • Capital programme design for a large new-build hospital as part of the government’s New Hospital Programme
  • Innovative model design for personalised cancer care and support across four large NHS Trusts, primary care and the voluntary sector
  • System financial integration across all NHS Trusts in a large ICS

When not at work, you’ll find Charlotte travelling around the former Soviet Union or trying to cook a new (excessively complicated) recipe!

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