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 Max Fuller

Max Fuller

Associate Consultant

Max has a background in social sciences and public health, making him enthusiastic about interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. He brings this attitude to his work at the PSC, drawing on it to deliver high quality outputs for clients across the public sector.

Max particularly enjoys deep dives into evidence and data to ensure that his work is rigorous and can be supported by facts. He also relishes any opportunity to make a graph.

Max’s motivation for his work is helping ensure public services are high quality, as he sees their provision as being essential for supporting people when they are most in need. He is particularly interested in health, having previously worked on research for the National Institute for Health Research whilst at university.

Max’s most recent project at the PSC has been the designing of a pilot for a new mental health service.

Outside of work, Max can be found running the hills of Hampstead Heath or reading a history book. He is also a keen cook and frequents his local farmers’ market to source ingredients.

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