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 Joel Fraser

Joel Fraser


Joel is known at The PSC for his emotional intelligence and warmth, his calmness in stressful situations and his focus on impact for end service users. His friendliness and positivity enable him to foster empowering and sustainable team environments.

He wanted to work for The PSC because of its central mission to make public services brilliant: Joel sees this as a critical lever in reducing inequality and creating a more just society.

His experience at the company covers strategy and transformation projects, with highlights including:

  • Leading on data analysis for a data exploration project for an Integrated Care System (ICS), with a focus on health inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities – as a result of these insights, targeted initiatives were developed to address the most vulnerable intersections of the population
  • Working at pace to support leaders across an ICS to design a new discharge-to-assess model, secure buy-in from stakeholders system-wide and develop an implementation plan

Beyond consulting, Joel loves to travel and learn languages, and has experience teaching English as a foreign language in Peru, Burkina Faso and Belgium. Outside of work, you’ll probably find him enjoying a walk in the countryside on a sunny day, exploring London galleries on a rainy day and, whatever the weather, trying his best to be the midfield engine for Brockley Reserves 7-a-side on Monday evenings.

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