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 Louise  Kercel

Louise Kercel

Senior Manager

Louise is a strategic professional, leading the development and delivery of ambitious business plans and clinical strategy. She has leveraged her experience in health policy and service delivery throughout a career in demanding public sector environments and private industry. Her successes have been achieved through harnessing the knowledge of external networks, internal collaborations and clinical leaders to identify new opportunities and roll-out innovation.

She is driven to deliver results that make an impact on patient outcomes, notable examples including:

  • Rapidly reconfiguring team and work-programmes in light of COVID pandemic, adapting and flexing to meet operational requirements, redeployment to incident control and the establishment of additional clinical networks across the South East
  • Managing a multimillion-pound portfolio of transformation programmes, across 20 trusts, leading a team uniquely funded through direct negotiation with NHSE as an exemption to organisation budget
  • Integrating strategic development and project & programme management methodology to develop and deliver the first National Primary Health Care Strategy in Qatar

When not at work, you’ll find Louise somewhere in the UK camping with her family in their self-build teardrop caravan.

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