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 Emilie Olufsen

Emilie Olufsen

Associate consultant

Emilie is known at the PSC for her emotional intelligence, clear presentation and positivity, making her a great team member and negotiator.

With a background in maths and statistics, Emilie is always keen to find creative ways to bring data insights to a project. She is an eager problem-solver with her impressive data analysis and coding capabilities, and is always excited by any opportunity to apply these skills to the problem at hand.

Emilie joined the PSC because she is motivated by the mission to make public services brilliant, and is delighted to be around people with the same values. Highlights since joining include:

  • Conducting lived experience engagements focused on understanding the experience of people with severe mental illnesses to help improve the support services available
  • Completing detailed quantitative analysis for a data exploration project focused on understanding the health inequalities faced by people with severe mental illnesses, and the drivers of these inequalities

Emilie is Danish, though grew up in Luxembourg so she is often caught raving about both these countries. Outside of work Emilie is a keen handball player and enjoys spending her time reading and recommending books.

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