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 Philippa Geering (Image Coming Soon)

Philippa Geering

Senior Manager

Philippa is known at The PSC for her desire to leave no stone unturned! This rigour, coupled with her calm and flexible approach to work, means Philippa is a valued member of every team she is part of.

It was a combination of her desire to improve health outcomes and enjoyment of problem solving that convinced Philippa to join The PSC. Building upon academic training in Public Health, and experience in the biomedical research funding sector, she is particularly keen to ensure the potential of innovation is maximised within the NHS. Project highlights include:

  • Developing a strategy for a national programme to roll-out scanning technologies across England as a means to improving patient safety and efficiency
  • Developing a Joint Strategy for a medical education and research partnership between a UK and Chinese University
  • Supporting an NHS Trust to design a Financial Improvement Programme which would build the foundations for long term financial sustainability and ensure services could continue to be delivered to patients as efficiently as possible

In a previous life Philippa was an ACA chartered accountant. Outside of the office, you’ll find Philippa trail-running through beautiful countryside or trying a delicious new cuisine.

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