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 Roz Hawley

Roz Hawley

Associate Partner

Roz has 10 years’ experience delivering complex transformation programmes across public services.

Her approach blends technical expertise and emotional intelligence to support public service leaders navigate the challenges of delivering and improving services.

Notable impact:

  • Led a team to draft and complete, and navigate a complex governance process, capital investment business cases totalling £24m for a Hospital NHS Trust. The Finance Director commented "because of this work my relationships have improved significantly, and the Board can really see the difference in how we're working".
  • Delivered the roll-out of the national Think 111 First programme across the South East region of England. We successfully went live, across all 19 Trusts, by the national deadline.
  • Led on improving the discharging rates at a NHS Trust, as part of a wider effort to improve the 4-hour A&E target. Over the period, discharging rates increased, particularly in care of the elderly wards which saw a 22% increase in the average number of patients discharged per day.

The daughter of an engineer and a teacher, Roz has a strong commitment to public service and regularly volunteers for local organisations.

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