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Case Study: £200m transformation savings in two years

£200m of savings have been realised in two years and 90% of the ongoing programme is run in-house

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Case Study: £200m transformation savings in two years

Our client, one of the largest and most successful NHS Foundation Trusts in the UK, had already established a transformation programme and achieved significant improvements: services were more productive whilst improving operational standards. The programme also effectively recognised and made the most of staff talent. Our remit was to boost the programme to meet a four-year savings challenge, alongside continuous improvements.

Collaboration was the watchword, along with a structured approach that aligned transformation projects with existing strategy, values and governance and put in place clear metrics and accountability. We designed a capability building programme to develop over 120 of the Trust’s clinicians and managers, so they could contribute their ideas and expertise to improving operations and efficiency. Communication and success stories helped explain what was happening to staff at all levels, and showed how changes were helping patients.

Our work achieved over £200m savings in two years and has left the Trust able to run 90% of the ongoing programme in-house, with its own trained and empowered staff. The programme has been recognised as one of the best in the country.

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