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Improving Patient Flow in a Local Health Network in South Australia

As part of its organisation recovery journey, a Local Health Network in South Australia commissioned The PSC to accelerate clinically-led improvement, with the aim of reducing delays in inpatient care and improving patient flow across the network.

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When brought on board, The PSC developed and implemented the Operational Flow Stream model. This established standards of care planning and the roles of different parts of the organisation in enabling good patient flow.

We used our tried and tested urgent care flow improvement approach to structure the approach to reducing length of stay and augmented this with our highly effective training and mentoring packages to maximise impact.

Improving Patient Flow in a Local Health Network in South Australia

We allocated fixed resource for each ward to build rapport and insight, provided complementary training and mentoring on flow principles and established a governance system to highlight progress and barriers for escalation. We supported ward teams to innovate their care planning processes and management systems, co-developing new ways of working to reduce delays across professions.

We developed a whole-of network patient flow improvement program that included project design, leadership and delivery, training and mentoring front line clinical staff and the mobilisation of a service improvement program. The central program was established to capture learning and provide expert support for front-line improvement, whilst providing visibility of progress and impact on KPIs for ward teams who we supported to implement initiatives to reduce delays, improve safety and reduce length of stay. 


What has  been achieved?

After 2 of a planned 6 months of support (support suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic), ward-level impact improvements in length of stay was already visible. In addition, we trained 60+ staff across ward teams, divisional management and the clinical executive on bets practice flow management and evidenced-based clinical improvement and agreed the blueprint for an Improvement Hub as the structure to drive and enable ongoing continuous clinical improvement.


The PSC Australia Team

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