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Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley

Senior Partner

As a leader for The PSC on health and performance, Chris has developed a nationally leading approach to patient access and transformation. His focus is on enabling senior leaders to improve the efficiency, performance and quality of operations.

Chris draws on a unique blend of insightful analytics, emotional intelligence and pragmatism to build positive cultures and lasting changes in performance.

Chris’s desire to improve services for others stems from his strong sense of community and engineering background: He is a trustee for a patient support organisation, supports his community to fundraise for local charities, and enjoys approaching these challenges with a logical, solution-focused approach.

Recent results

Chris has helped secure standout results in:

  • Redesigning the emergency pathway to deliver a 9% gain in 4-hour performance for a major NHS acute trust, from A&E through to the community, via research and performance improvement projects
  • Resolving major performance challenges for NHS organisations, including rapid and sustainable increases in urgent care performance and a 40% reduction in ambulance handover delays
  • Creating the foundations of a culture of continuous improvement, with one client stating: “I never thought one person could make a difference, now we have more than 30 people making change happen”

Earlier career

BCL Consulting. Stroud. Hagen & Co. Crown Cork & Seal. Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

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