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Increasing efficiency with our FEP Programme

The PSC Transformation team were commissioned by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust to offer our Fast Effective Projects (FEP) training to support change and transformational delivery

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Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust provides physical and mental health services at GPs, in hospitals and in patients’ own homes.

The Trust employs around 7,000 staff and provides care and treatment for more than 350,000 people every year. The Trust is rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission and the leadership team know that building the capability of staff is key to maintaining and improving this position.

Increasing efficiency with our FEP Programme

What was the need? 

Faye Rice, Associate Director of Strategy, Systems and Partnerships at Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust, had a recently expanded transformation team and wanted them to be as effective as possible. In her previous role in NHS England’s Mental Health team, Faye had learned The PSC’s Fast Effective Projects (FEP) approach, and felt that its common language and tools contributed to a powerful way of working to enable change and transformational delivery in complex settings and systems.

How did we help? 

Faye commissioned a FEP programme from The PSC: three intensive days of training followed by individual and group mentoring for all team members over a period of six months, culminating in a “viva” presentation where they presented the live project they had been mentored on.

The team very much enjoyed the training – especially the opportunity to meet in person, albeit socially-distanced, in a year when they have hardly seen each other, or not met since joining the team, due to the pandemic. The shared experience and common tools and language have brought them closer together as a team, better able to support and challenge each other to solve problems and deliver new projects. The vivas showcased a series of projects that the team had delivered using the FEP methodology, illustrating the skills and progress of the individual team members.  The individual mentoring approach, delivered by an experienced faculty member who is also a trained coach, enabled team members to explore their projects and learn in a personalised way, focusing on their specific needs and empowering them to take action. 

What was the impact? 

The programme has already had an impact. For example, the development of a ‘from scratch’ project on reimagining rehab pathways has immediately gained pace using FEP methodology, led by a newly trained member of Faye’s team.

Hear direct from our client: 

“As the lead of a team made up of staff from a range of different career backgrounds within and outside of the NHS, and where each team member works on a portfolio of major scale change spanning different populations, staff and patient cohorts, having a cohesive offer and a standardised set of effective tools which they can autonomously take forward to achieve change is critical. It is wonderful for me to participate in sessions they lead now and see that thread from FEP. I like how they approach new asks since their training, how they solve problems and the quality of their work.” - Faye Rice

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