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Multidisciplinary team-working to improve cancer MDTs

We are delighted that recent national guidance on cancer multi-disciplinary team meetings includes every single recommendation from the publication we helped Cancer Research UK to develop in 2017

NHS England (NHSE) and NHS Improvement (NHSI) have published an update to the guidelines for cancer multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDTM) incorporating every single recommendation from Cancer Research UK’s (CRUK) 2017 publication on the subject, which was co-authored by the PSC.

Multidisciplinary team-working to improve cancer MDTs

The new national guidance aims to support MDTMs through three mechanisms, each of which were put forward in the 2017 CRUK report:

  1. Ensuring adequate time for discussion of cases by allowing more focus on complex cases in the MDTM
  2. Creating more flexibility in the management of the MDTM
  3. Agreeing the treatment or care that any patient should expect to receive across cancer alliances

NHSE have confirmed that:

“The key principle to achieve MDTM streamlining is that all patients remain listed and recorded at the MDTM, however patients will be stratified into two groups: Those cases where full discussion at the MDTM is required, for example due to clinical complexity or psycho-social issues, and those cases where a patient’s needs can be met by a standard treatment protocol (or Standard of Care), and so do not require discussion at the MDTM.”


And from CRUK’s perspective:

“Thanks again for the brilliant work you and the team did on the report – so pleased to see it having an impact and really proud of what we did.”

Well done, team - one might say that’s three years of multi-disciplinary team working.

Here’s hoping that this leads to earlier diagnosis and increased survivorship for those with cancer.


Learn more about our Strategy work here.

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