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Summer Internship: eight weeks have flown by!

What goes into an internship at The PSC?

As an undergrad, you are often presented with a plethora of ways to spend your summer. From travelling to work experience to summer courses, it may be difficult to know how to spend the three months you have off.

I chose to do an internship this summer because I had been considering a career in consulting for some time, but felt that I needed to experience the job first-hand to be sure. I have also always had an interest in public services, so The PSC, a specialist public services consultancy, seemed like the ideal place where I could combine my two interests together. The assessment process was challenging, comprising an online application, two rounds of case interviews and a presentation, but, in retrospect, is an excellent reflection of the day to day work at The PSC.

Summer Internship: eight weeks have flown by!

Coming into the internship, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I knew that I wanted to further develop my problem-solving and analytical abilities, gain exposure to senior client settings and better understand what a consulting career really entails. Beyond that, however, I was just ready to learn all that I could.

My summer ended up being more than anything I could have imagined. To highlight just a few of my experiences within the eight weeks, I:

  • Conducted national benchmarking analysis to support a hospital in Wales in creating a business case for a new elective orthopaedic centre, and presented my findings to the client
  • Worked with the Chief Executive and CFO of a hospital in one of London’s largest NHS trusts to develop the narrative for their three-year financial recovery plan
  • Facilitated problem-solving training courses for civil servants in Whitehall
  • Created a business case for the digital opportunities available within the company’s capability building offerings, with my recommendations now being submitted to the Board
  • Designed, filmed and edited a promotional video for the company’s internship programme
  • Undertook training in problem definition, hypothesis-led thinking and data visualisation
  • Went to Wimbledon for tennis, dinner and drinks with my fellow interns
  • Organised a team dinner to celebrate the end of a successful client project
  • Had coffee chats with nearly everyone at the company – Associate Consultants, Directors and everyone in between

When I look back on where the summer has gone, it’s incredible to think about the variety of experiences that I have had. There were certainly moments when I felt that I was being “thrown into the deep end,” but I realise now those were opportunities given to me by the directors and project managers so I could push myself – and my work – to the next level.

I have had an amazingly busy, yet productive and satisfying summer. I have furthered my core consulting abilities – becoming better at disaggregating complex problems and developing evidence-based recommendations. I have gained tangible skills, having created financial models and slide decks on my own from start to finish. Throughout it all, I have also acquired incredible insight into the NHS and the UK public sector. And last but certainly least, the company’s strong teamwork culture meant that I could learn lots from the consultants, managers and directors around me.

My time at The PSC has flown by, but I can very happily say that “work” rarely felt like work, and that “colleagues” were really more like friends.

Jolee Tung was a summer intern at The PSC. For more information about recruitment at The PSC, please visit our careers page.

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