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The NHS’ approach to waiting list management needs urgent reform

The PSC’s Dr Rowan Wathes and Arup Nath call for a new framework to prioritise patients needing elective care in the Health Service Journal – one that increases equitability and prioritises patient safety

With estimates that waiting lists could increase by more than 100 per cent to over 9 million over the next 12 months, rates of excess morbidity and mortality will skyrocket.

Rowan and Arup raise awareness of this important topic in their article for the Health Service Journal (HSJ) this month, written with Professor Catherine Urch of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. They discuss the need for a new framework that could help the NHS to better prioritise patients in greatest need and those that would see greatest benefit, and highlight some novel frameworks that are starting to emerge.

You can read the full story on the HSJ website here: 

As one of the most read news sources for healthcare leaders across the NHS, the HSJ offers a fantastic forum for these important conversations. This is one of several times this year The PSC has featured and we're so proud to be adding to understanding of these important and weighty issues about public health provision.

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