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Catherine Mulcahy

Catherine Mulcahy

Chief Operating Officer

Catherine ensures everyone at The PSC can focus all their energy on doing an excellent job for clients. From project assignments to contracts, budgeting, IT and training, her team enables our consultants to focus on making a difference for public services.

Catherine enjoys working closely with everyone across The PSC, understanding their individual situations and challenges, and evolving our ways of working. Her projects have ranged from rebranding to office moves, external accreditation and IT implementations. She also maintains relationships with suppliers, partners and associates.

Catherine has been part of The PSC since its early days as 2020 Delivery, guiding the team through the excitement and pain of growing up. The company’s mission drives her decisions: improvements are worthwhile if they help the whole team to more effectively achieve impact for public service users.

Recent results

Some recent changes Catherine has managed include moving the whole company to remote working in response to COVID-19; developing and launching a total rebrand; refining our back office team and supporting company-wide initiatives to increase diversity and reduce bias.

Earlier career

IBM. Reuters. Chartered Electrical Engineer. Zeneca/ICI. University of Cambridge.

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