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Jonathan Slater joins The PSC to grow its education offering

Jonathan Slater, former Permanent Secretary at the Department for Education, is joining as our latest Senior Advisor to help grow our support for education clients as we continue to deliver our mission of making public services brilliant.

We are thrilled that Jonathan Slater will bring his huge breadth and depth of experience in leading the Department for Education (DfE) to The PSC’s education clients.

Jonathan was Permanent Secretary at DfE for over four years from 2016-2020, steering the department through enormous change both before and during the early phases of the COVID pandemic.

Jonathan Slater joins The PSC to grow its education offering

Jonathan particularly relished the Department’s collaborative work with the sector in developing the Early Careers Framework which provides training and support for new teachers, and in establishing Opportunity Areas to help local partners improve the education offer to some of the most disadvantaged pupils in the country. He also guided through the implementation of 30 hours free childcare, and increased investment in technical education post 16.

Jonathan was also responsible for steering DfE through the huge challenges posed to the education sector during the first months of COVID – from closing schools to all but the most vulnerable pupils with only a few days notice, to helping to provide laptops and online materials to support remote learning from scratch - in a highly contested political environment.

As Permanent Secretary, Jonathan was personally responsible for the leadership of the Department’s 6000 people. He led a major programme of work to increase engagement with the Department’s users (learners, families, teachers etc.), tackle discrimination and inequality, and empower staff to achieve their best. DfE’s staff survey engagement scores rose to the top of Government departments, and the proportion of black and asian senior civil servants reached double figures.

Jonathan combined his role at the DfE with that of Head of the civil service’s Policy Profession.

Before joining the Civil Service in 2001, he was a local authority deputy chief executive and director of education.


Jonathan Slater said: “Education was a big part of my life before joining the civil service, and I am delighted that it has remained so since leaving. I am very much enjoying being a member of a school trust, a college and a university board, as well as having the chance to lecture and research as a visiting academic. I am equally happy now to have the opportunity to work with The PSC as they support education institutions take on the many challenges they face.”


Antonio Weiss, Senior Partner and Digital and Education lead at The PSC said: "We are absolutely thrilled to have Jonathan join us in our endeavor to make public services better for everyone. Jonathan's knowledge and experience of the education sector - right through from schools to colleges, established higher education institutes and online learning platforms - is unparalleled."

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