Delivering organisational excellence in public services.


We create change that sustains.

The PSC team are dedicated to bettering public services. Our collaborative, tried and tested approach to improving performance is focused on creating meaningful change that lives on. We work together to analyse and diagnose your status quo, devise a plan, then make it happen. In doing so we empower your people to deliver, unlocking ongoing results.

The PSC Approach

What defines our approach to performance?

Far Reaching Diagnosis

We dive into the data to understand your challenges, opportunities, culture and teams, discovering where we can make the biggest, most long-lasting improvements.

Empowering People

We embrace collaboration, working closely with your people to run rapid cycles of trying, testing and improving, growing your teams’ skills, understanding and impact.

Future Proof Impact

We train and mentor your teams to improve your organisation’s capability, ensuring your people are inspired and equipped to deliver.

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Recent Results

"The Trust has not experienced such good performance for the last five years. This work has led to the biggest opportunity this organisation has had for some time."

Associate Medical Director, NHS Trust

"The work was really inspiring. We always think one person can’t do much on their own, but we now have 30 people making improvements and showing real impact."

Alex Whitfield, CEO, Hampshire Hospitals

"The PSC doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, they empower people to know that their ideas are possible."

Matron, NHS Teaching Trust

Capability Building

Bespoke courses designed specifically for public-service organisations

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Performance Case Studies, News & Insights

We Are The PSC

We Are The PSC

02/07/2020 in Performance, Digital, Strategy, News, Insights, Careers

Introducing a new name for 2020 Delivery

MILES better: A new framework for transformation

MILES better: A new framework for transformation

21/05/2020 in Performance, Insights

Director Mike Meredith further investigates the importance of logic and…

Case Study: £200m transformation savings in two years

Case Study: £200m transformation savings in two years

03/04/2020 in Performance

£200m of savings have been realised in two years and 90% of the ongoing…

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